A warm welcome to Raise and Shine!

The fact you have taken the time to find your way here to check out the possibility of a positive parenting course is a sign of just how much you care about your children and the quality your family life. This shows that quite clearly you are already a top-notch parent - so you are off to a great start!

And seeking support makes total sense. Few who have done it would disagree that being a parent can be a very tricky business no matter how much we love our children.

Let’s face it, as well as being deeply rewarding, being a parent can also be stressful and highly frustrating at times, it throws up continuous challenges and we all know children don’t come with an instruction manual! What other such important job would you embark upon without any training? The fact current research calls into question many of the conventional wisdoms of parenting makes getting support even more sensible.

This is the place to be if you are fed up with the nagging, bribing, blaming and shouting that we all resort to in times of desperation and want ideas for a more positive alternative to raise happy, resilient children. We believe that with happiness (in its truest sense) at the core of your family, both you and your children are free to enjoy each other more and are in a better position to “squeeze the juice” more fully out of your respective lives.

Raise and Shine aims to equip parents to feel more in control and in a better position to make their family lives a bit happier, calmer and more fulfilled, with the longer term aim of setting families up for their brightest possible futures.

There is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than a transformation of the way we raise our children.

Marianne Williamson

Laura Markham, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

“Parenting isn’t about what our child does, but about how we respond.”

All techniques taught are evidence-based:

The Toolkit

Mindfulness (based on ACT model)

Raise and Shine Philosophy: Happy healthy parents = happy, healthy children

Based on an understanding that a parent and a child’s wellbeing are inextricably linked, Raise and Shine provides an introduction to mindfulness so parents get a better appreciation of what mindfulness is and learn techniques specifically designed that are attainable for busy parents.

The Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) approach is designed to enable parents to establish their direction, find focus and improve their own wellbeing, as well as to be more present and flexible to the needs of their children.

Positive Parenting

Parents are coached in effective positive parenting skills giving them the tools they need to help them have a positive relationship with, get the best from their children and be at their best as a parent.

For full breakdown of positive parenting course content go to Courses

Coaching Approach

What to expect

Raise and Shine promises:

It’s for real people, real families (whatever form they take) and situations – no passive-aggressive perfectionism here.

We are here to share new ideas and suggestions, not a set of commandants: no one-size fits all – we offer a flexible toolkit you can play around with and see what works for you and your family.

The sessions are fun, interactive and flexible and your comfort is paramount.

Values based – we value values! Helping you clarify and connect with your values, that is, whatever is most important in your heart is core to what we do as this will motivate and guide you long after the course is over

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Course details

Parenting Skills with Mindfulness courses comprise 6 weekly 2 hour sessions and take place on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm-9.30pm. Courses break for school holidays.

A maximum of 8 participants on each course.

Refreshments are provided.

Course dates

The next 6 week course starts on 12th September 2019. 

Price (for 6 week course) £240 per person. Prices include VAT, Course Manual, all other course materials and refreshments.

Please get in touch if you wish to book a Private Consultation if you prefer to work one-to-one with Daisy.

Private Consultations are 90 minutes and include a personalised written plan after each session.

Free talk

By popular request, I am doing another 'Bringing Out the Best in Your Children' taster talk on Thursday 11th July at 7.30pm Space@61, 61 Cheltenham Road, SE15 3AF. A great opportunity to get a few very helpful tips and to meet me.

Parenting Workshops in Schools
By request I do talks and workshops for schools, nurseries, PTA's and other parent groups on a range of subjects including Managing Meltdowns, Saying Goodbye to Morning Mayhem, Fostering Sibling Harmony, How to be a Calmer Parent and Never Have to Ask Twice.

Coming soon

I am developing a Nourishing Togetherness: Mindful Eating and Feeding Your Family workshop

I have plans for a 6-week Mindfulness for Parents course for parents who have completed the Parenting Skills with Mindfulness course and wish to develop their mindfulness practice further




Course Content

Introduction to mindfulness
(based on ACT model)
  • connecting with what you really care about
  • managing your emotions - even when your buttons are being seriously pushed
  • Taking care of yourself
“You can’t pour from an empty cup”
Descriptive praise
  • encouraging confidence, cooperation and motivation
Emotion coaching
  • helping children manage their emotions and regulate their behaviour
  • building emotional intelligence and self-esteem
  • fostering strong relationships
Setting up for Success
  • preparing our children to do their best
Rules and Values
  • establishing values and using rewards
Positive Discipline
  • understanding and responding effectively when children get things wrong
Daisy and her kids

Firstly, to be clear: I don’t claim to be an ‘expert’ in either parenting or mindfulness, although I have been actively interested and learning about both for some time. The truth is being a parent is a never-ending learning journey - as is the practice of mindfulness – so I still have more than my fair share of Low Parenting Moments (LPM’s) - and learn new things from my children and about myself everyday.

My commitment to positive parenting came as a complete surprise to me as I was a self-confessed sceptic about the idea of ‘parent education’. I believed that love and natural instinct were all you needed. This was before we hit the ‘terrible twos’ when I found no amount of love and natural instinct convinced my son to get up off the supermarket floor and stop stripping its shelves in a violent rage or to put his coat on when it was time for school!

By chance, in a bid to meet new parents at my son’s nursery (and a chance to drink a cheeky glass of free champagne!), I attended a talk put on by the PTA called something like ‘How to create harmony and say goodbye to the naughty step forever’. Much to my surprise, the content of the talk gave me a lot of ‘food for thought’, challenged my ideas and existing practices. Vitally, it offered real solutions: simple, practical ideas to help establish better communication and encourage cooperation and to achieve a more positive and harmonious home life.

it offered real solutions: simple, practical ideas to help establish better communication and encourage cooperation and to achieve a more positive and harmonious home life.

I was sufficiently intrigued to try it out and the results were immediate. My husband was flabbergasted by the change! This led me to attend a 10 week Positive Parenting Course with The Parent Practice and I subsequently went on to complete The Training for Trainers Programme and I am now a Parent Practice Licensee. The transformation in my own life is what inspires me to want to share these skills with other parents.

Way before children, my career began as a Qualitative Market Researcher specialising in ‘sensitive issues’. When I was just 30 I was forced to take ‘early retirement’ as the health issues I had following a diagnosis of lupus became seriously life-threatening. This humbling experience inevitably led to some soul-searching, through which I discovered mindfulness (way back before it was even ‘a thing’ as it is these days!).

The benefits of mindfulness have been invaluable to helping me better manage the challenges of parenthood (and just about everything else) and for this reason I have added a mindfulness module to the positive parenting course. It is specifically designed to be achievable for busy parents and involves no lengthy sitting meditations or anything too ‘woo-woo’ as (although I love a bit of ‘woo-woo’ every now and then!) I know it’s not for everyone and parents can find it hard to find the time with all their other commitments!

I have two sons aged 8 and 6 and another a baby daughter who is 1 and I live in Peckham with my husband. I enjoy cooking (and eating!), yoga, theatre, camping and socialising with my friends – and these days a sad number of nights in with Deliveroo and Netflix!

  • Daisy is a certified Parent Practice Licensee Trained by Melissa Hood, author of Real Parenting for Real Kids
  • A certified Mindfulness Coach, coached by Albert Tobler, co-founder of London Meditation and co-author of The Rough Guide to Mindfulness
  • She has completed 3 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Courses (MBSR) at London Mediation and Jam Yang Buddhist Centre
  • Completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course taught by Jan Wilding
  • Completed 10-week Positive Parenting course with Parent Practice
  • Most importantly a full-time mother of 2 boys and a baby girl
Sweeping into Raise and Shine

Sweeping into Raise and Shine

Dec 7th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
After dinner yesterday evening, my spirited six-year old checked the new-ish rota pinned to the wall only to discover it was his turn to sweep the crumbs from under the table. His response was, well, loud and incensed: “It’s not fair. I can’t believe it’s my turn again. I hate you Mummy. You are going to be the world’s worst parent teacher ever. The sweeping rota was a terrible idea”. So here begins my first blog post for Raise and Shine.

Let me introduce myself: I am Daisy, a wife and mother of three (two sons aged 8 and 6 and a daughter who is 14 months), formerly a qualitative researcher and someone who travelled a long and tricky road to get to the point of being a parent (if you are interested, check out www.livingwellwithlupus.org). Raise and Shine is a new business, my new business, that has been in conception for some years now and that will open its doors in Peckham, South-East London at the beginning of next year and I am exploring ways to share my work with a wide range of families in my wonderfully diverse local community.

Raise and Shine is designed to help create ‘happier families with brighter futures’, because I believe that a ‘positive’ family life (whatever form that family takes), where there are strong and loving connections between parent and child, makes life better for everyone – parents, children and the communities in which they live. Parents who cultivate this environment will not only be responsible for making a better and more enjoyable life for themselves, their children and those around them but they will also be raising a generation of children who will go on to become the kind of adults we need to create a better future for everyone.

So, I hear you ask, why on earth would you ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ as a brand new parent educator by revealing your son’s highly condemnatory reference for your own parenting credentials?!

Well, my reason for sharing this little interchange is twofold.

Firstly, whilst I sincerely hope I don’t actually prove to be ‘the worst parent educator in the world’ (!) it is important to me to be an honest one. Raise and Shine is not about ‘perfect’, ‘Instagram-worthy’ family-lives because in reality such lives don’t exist. As you will have noted, my own family is no exception. Families are made up of humans (at least the ones I deal with!) and humans aren’t perfect: no one gets things right all the time. Children don’t, and we parents certainly won’t. Plus, we are all unique individuals with different temperaments, moods, needs and desires. There are going to be ups and downs. Letting go of notions of ‘perfection’ and unrealistic ideals is the first step to being a more effective parent. The simple truth is being a parent is not easy for anyone. Being a good parent is incredibly hard, but being a perfect parent is impossible. Once we can accept this and forgive ourselves for our mess-ups we can move on so much easier. The best thing we can do as parents is to take responsibility to get the support, insights, skills and tools that we need to build meaningful connection with our children. In so doing, they and we will thrive in spite of our mistakes and imperfections.

Secondly, it is what happened after my son’s little outburst that reminded me of just how far I have personally progressed from the parent I once was and reaffirmed my conviction that the mindfulness and parenting skills are invaluable. That is because in days gone by this little episode would have surely been an unpleasant, explosive and lengthy affair involving, at the very least, indignation, reprimands, shouting, tears and feelings of guilt. However, on this occasion, because I was equipped with the knowledge and tools I needed to regulate myself and to stay calm and reasoned I managed the situation with far less drama.

We, as parents of today, are very fortunate to have a wealth of solid research that wasn’t available to our parents’ generation. This research has shown that a close parent-child connection is the strongest factor in preventing a variety of health and social problems. It also shows us what works and what doesn’t. Whilst few would deny that love is the most important ingredient to being a ‘good’ parent, it turns out that there are a range of particular skills and techniques in which we can all be trained that will help us be more effective parents. With proper training we can more effectively motivate, praise, communicate with, set boundaries for our children as well as to more constructively handle situations where our children get things wrong. Most of us aren’t born just ‘knowing’ this stuff but it can be learnt. Similarly, we are likely to have a certain natural ability for what we have chosen to do professionally, but most of us welcome training to make us better, after all, even Olympic athletes have coaches.

Nonetheless, my conviction to sharing mindfulness and positive parenting skills with other parents goes beyond what psychologists, neuroscientists, sociologists and parent specialists have proven to be so (and, as I have explained the evidence is certainly there). It is rooted in the transformation I found in my own family when I started practising these principles.

So, what actually did happen after the condemning outburst? Well, with a bit of understanding and support my six-year old son soon calmed down and got on with the job at hand without further ado – he even put the broom and dustpan and brush away when he’d finished without being reminded! We were all then able to continue enjoying the rest of the evening, which we did. And, in case you were wondering, by bedtime the whole episode was long forgotten and I had been reinstated as “the best mum in the world”!

At Raise and Shine I will be running courses designed to coach parents in tailor-made mindfulness skills to help them to stay calm and be present for their children, as well coaching them in a set of very specific positive parenting tools to help them get better cooperation from their children and build stronger trusting relationships. It is my aim to empower parents to effectively manage all the challenges of parenthood.

I will also be sharing easy, day-to-day contentment strategies because although life can be hard, it is good and we should make the most of it.
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